28 Jun 2023

Why we work with freelancers

At Inside Job Productions we run our film production agency by working with freelance film professionals. We believe it helps us get the best people and enables us to do our best work. Here’s why.

Breadth of experience

We work with charities and corporates across sectors. Working with freelancers means that at any point and for any brief we can get the right people for the job. Having a pool of people with different experience and expertise means that it’s a great fit for the client, regardless of their needs.


The nature of our company is that at times there will be lots of work, and at others it will be quieter. Freelancers work in the same way. We can always get the right people for a commission, and flex our availability based on demand. Some clients will need copywriting for example, and we can offer that. Others require production, and our freelancers are there for that too. It also means we’re not geographically limited.

Training opportunities

We run year round programmes supporting people who are finding entry into employment difficult, through the Production Trainee Scheme. Many of the trainees find there are barriers to their progression, and we believe that by having great people in our team they can get personalised education and training to get the skills and confidence they need to flourish. You can see more about our first trainee Tallulah’s story here.

More value for you

When an agency has permanent staff there are cost implications. Running a freelancer model means we pay people when they work with us, and they are free to seek work elsewhere when they choose. We pay a fair day rate, and that is reflected in the costs we give our clients – making it cheaper for you.

Having an impact

As a social enterprise we’re committed to giving back. Spreading the love. By working with freelance video and film experts we’re able to support more people. That really matters to us.

If you’re a freelance film professional and want the chance to make a difference on cool projects that change lives, drop us a line.