15 Nov 2023

Why we need to improve training and education for young people

Our social impact projects are centred around providing training and skills development, to help people find meaningful employment. It’s something we’re passionate about, because improving training and education for young people creates a foundation for personal and professional success. Effective training not only enhances employability but also fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, driving economic growth. By prioritising training and education, we empower the next generation to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving landscape and contribute meaningfully to a sustainable and impactful future – something we all want to see.

Youth Employment Statistics

The Youth Unemployment Statistics 2023 indicate that in June to August, there were 527,000 individuals aged 16 to 24 who were unemployed, marking an increase of 155,000 from the previous year. Although youth unemployment reached a historically low level of 372,000 in June to August 2022, the trend has been gradually increasing since then. The current unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds stands at 12.5%, rising from 9.0% from the previous year.

What these statistics show is pretty startling. They offer indicators into the challenges faced by young people entering the workforce. High youth unemployment rates may signal systemic issues, such as gaps in education, mismatches between skills and market demands, or broader economic challenges. It is time we provide young people with training and education to meet these demands.

Training and education can enhance opportunities

Training and education significantly enhances opportunities for young people by equipping them with relevant skills, increasing their employability, and providing a pathway for career advancement.

It’s not just about the practical. At IJP we don’t just teach them how to hold a camera. Education nurtures critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills. It offers networking opportunities and opens doors to global prospects. Training expands young people’s options in the job market and prepares them to contribute meaningfully to society. Beyond career-focused benefits, investing in the education and training of young people creates a foundation for personal growth, helping improve social and emotional intelligence – and, our focus, increasing wellbeing and good mental health.

Importance of holistic support

Let’s face it- young people don’t have it easy. Personal issues such as mental health, alongside economic uncertainties and social challenges can make the world seem like a scary place.

By attending to the holistic needs of young people, training programs can better prepare them for real-world challenges. Promoting resilience, self-awareness, and a sense of belonging contributes to a young person’s overall personal growth and fulfilment. It acknowledges the interconnectedness of different aspects of a young person’s life and strives to create a supportive environment that nurtures their overall health and development. This is especially important to us as our trainees have lived experiences of mental ill health and we pride ourselves on providing holistic support.

Pay living wage – because you need to live

The Living Wage ensures workers receive a wage that is not just a legal minimum but one that aligns with the actual cost of living.

Beyond meeting basic needs, the Living Wage contributes to the overall well-being of workers by providing financial stability, reducing stress, and fostering a more equitable society. It addresses income inequality and enhances employee morale and productivity. By promoting a fair and decent standard of living, the Living Wage not only supports individual workers and their families but also contributes to building a more sustainable and socially responsible economy. And it makes sense. Surely we should always pay something people can live on.

The Production Trainee Scheme

We put all of this into action through our Production Trainee Scheme, which provides individuals who have first-hand experience with mental health challenges the chance to receive training, develop skills, and access employment opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to them. We pay the London Living Wage and guide individuals for 6-9 months, focusing on crucial film production skills. Trainees actively participate in live projects, including collaborations with Clinks on the Mental Health Media Production Unit in prisons, and our initiative with Rethink Mental Illness.

As Charly says “My time at Inside Job Productions has taught me so much about editing and filmmaking; it’s giving me a real confidence that has undoubtedly improved my mental health. Everyone is so supportive of one another, being a part of a team like that is so refreshing and I’m excited to go to work each week.”