11 May 2023

We Are The Change: Student Commission on Racial Justice

We’re delighted to share a new film entitled We Are The Change, produced for the Student Commission on Racial Justice. The film discusses the types of racism and microaggressions experienced by young people from minoritised ethnic groups, and how more needs to be done in calling it out. Recruited by Leaders Unlocked in partnership with 10 colleges across England, the Student Commissioners are bringing the voices of thousands of young people to the debate about racial justice in England.

The Student Commission on Racial Justice, now in its third year, has explored racial disparities in education across key areas:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Support, Safety & Wellbeing
  • Events, Social Life & College Culture
  • World of Work & Aspiration
  • Complaints Structure & Process

The Commission have developed national recommendations for change that are to be delivered to decision-makers in a Manifesto for Action and showcase event on Thursday 25th May 2023. For the Commission’s previous recommendations that cover the key sectors; Education, Policing & Justice, Employment and Health, please see ‘A Platform for Young People’s Voices on Racial Justice 2022’.

Contributors valued the opportunity to speak up about what matters to them.

“It’s been an honour that I will carry with me my entire life, having been able to contribute to the cause of racial justice through this film. I hope that with the launch, any doubts people had towards the current injustices and flaws in our system designed on outdated nonsensical bias, can become the spark to the flame of conviction, allowing people to truly understand and believe in delivering racial equality in education for all.” Fahad, 21, MK College Group

“Don’t be afraid to take action If you see someone being treated unfairly or you’re getting bullied yourself. That’s how we make a change, by taking that first step.”   Iris, 17, The Sheffield College

“The opportunity to let my voice be heard is really important to me, and this project let me do that. Not just for myself but for others with similar experiences to mine.” De’Andre, 17, Solihull College & University Centre