26 Nov 2023

The success of Sense’ Give Carers A Break campaign

Inside Job Productions have been working with Sense for a number of years, so when they came to us looking to create films to support their Give Carers A Break campaign we were immediately interested. They trust us to make impactful films, and treat the people they serve with respect.

The aim of the campaign was to demonstrate just how hard the millions of carers across the country work, and what respite would look like for them. The ultimate goal is to ensure family carers of disabled people have access to high quality appropriate respite and the support they need to be able to take a break, by increasing public awareness, empowering families to understand what support is out there, and build the case for change and call for it.

We produced a film to tell the story of a carer and an individual they look after – likeLowri and her daughter Mia. The purpose of the film was threefold:

  • Give an insight into the vital role that family carers of disabled people play – showing the often-relentless nature of caring and the impact of not being able to take a break.
  • Raise awareness of the injustice, that often family carers don’t receive the support they need or are entitled to. 
  • Drive existing and new supporters to Sense website to pledge their support. 

Director Rob Watkins explains his process to making sure that the people we film are as comfortable as possible. “I always make sure to speak with the family directly prior to the shoot to introduce myself, gain a greater understanding about them, their situation and also to give them a very clear picture of what we’re trying to achieve on the shoot day and what we need from them. On arrival at the home the Sense representative and I always take time to do a proper meet and greet at the start as it is often the first time we’ve met them in person. This helps them get a feel for us and we start to build a relationship with them that will hopefully help to put them at ease.”

The films are shot in a documentary style. To help get the most personal story we want the featured contributors to feel safe and relaxed. This plays into kit choice, which is kept very minimal, shooting handheld as much as possible and using natural light throughout the day, even for the interview so they aren’t faced with any bright lights. 

The film content has significantly impacted supporter recruitment numbers and enabled Sense to exceed their overall target in the first month of the campaign. In total, over 9k people have signed their hand-raiser and over 60% of these supporters are new to Sense – demonstrating how the campaign is helping the charity to engage new audiences. Encouragingly nearly two thirds (60%) of supporters have ‘opted in’ to receiving ongoing communications which is helping cement the foundations for Sense to build ongoing relationships 

Overall, the films have strongly resonated with families and supporters of Sense, particularly on Facebook, with hundreds of people commenting on the importance of the campaign. They were extremely well received on social media with all four becoming best-performing videos ever on Instagram. 

Lizzie Green, Campaigns Manager from Sense says “Inside Job Productions always produce thoughtful and powerful content, and the films they created for Give Carers A Break were no different. For us it goes beyond getting some beautiful videos – it’s about the overall campaign objectives. And we’re delighted that the films have generated discussion, comments, sign ups and interactions which have helped us exceed our targets already.”

Ann Summerhayes, CEO of Inside Job Productions says “We are always mindful of the fact that essentially we rock up at people’s houses and ask them to tell their story.. it’s not easy being in front of the camera so we need to respect that, and work hard to make people feel heard and comfortable. We need to tell the real story – not something that just looks good or gets social likes – and are thrilled that the films have contributed to such a strong campaign for Sense.”