13 Apr 2024

The power of training and support – broadening opportunities

One of the things that is so important to us when supporting Production Trainees is providing them with skills and experience that will serve them well in future careers. It’s all part of our social impactMairead has been working on a theatre project called Mad Women, and is here to tell us all about it.

“I saw a call out on Instagram for an assistant producer who hadn’t worked in theatre before, for a play on mental health and I thought – that’s my bag! I went to an interview and was successful so I was initially the assistant producer for the community cast. Right before we started, I showed Constanza (the director), a few of the short form social media videos I’d made during my internship at Inside Job Productions and Rethink Mental Illness, offering to make some for the production.

She was really impressed and asked if I’d take on a paid role as Content Creator for the production. So by the time we started I was assistant producing across both casts and creating engaging content for 6 weeks. I’m really chuffed that the short form video and social media skills I’m learning on the internship have helped me secure other meaningful creative work exploring mental health too!

The short form video and social media skills I’ve learnt through IJP and Rethink Mental Illness gave me the confidence to put myself out there. Before the internship, I wouldn’t have felt confident to offer these skills to a theatre production.

The biggest benefits of taking on another role was building my confidence across different creative projects, now including theatre. I want to try assistant directing next. Another huge benefit of working on this project was the process itself, I was constantly learning as I went, facing new challenges and adapting to quick changes. Finally, it was brilliant to get to know a team of multidisciplinary creatives who’d like to collaborate again!”