24 Nov 2022

The making of Control Risks’ new brand film

Control Risks came to Inside Job Productions with the aim of demonstrating what they do. A simple idea. But they do a lot, despite being a smaller enterprise than many of their competitors, and work all around the world.

The idea was simple –  get the staff themselves to tell us about the details and things that they do in the locations that they are. Keep it very simple, but have this idea of a journey running through it. To demonstrate the organisation’s global reach we felt it was important to hear firsthand from experts in multiple locations, to really demonstrate them on the ground and in the world. We wanted a unifying thread of people walking through their local environment, explaining what they do, and the impact it had, showcasing the international scope of Control Risks’ work and the fact they have experts all around the world. But flying out to far-flung destinations was not in the scope of the project, or the ever-changing pandemic restrictions.

This made it a much more collaborative project than usual. We produced a storyboard and shot the first scenes in London. They then contracted a filmmaker in Singapore to effectively emulate what we’ve done. This process rolled out, with shooting happening in the UK, Singapore, Germany, Dubai, New York, Washington and Mexico. So as well as us being the producer, so was the client’s video team, and external agencies – a combined effort across shooting, post production, sound graphics – everything.

It was the first time that Control Risks had embarked on something like this. They’ve made several films, but never tried to make one external film that encapsulated everything they do as a special risk consultancy. And not only the practical nature of what they do, but why they do it – to manage risks and make clients more confident about the future. It could have been very complex to bring everything together, so that was why the narrative thread of a journey worked so well. They take clients on a journey. And our film does the same.

Watch the film here.