Social Impact

Changing lives through film


At Inside Job Productions we choose to invest our profits in media-based projects which can change people’s lives for the better, in particular supporting people who experience poor mental health.

We offer work experience and employment opportunities to young people struggling with their mental health. This includes a 6-month trainee scheme paid at London Living Wage. We provide a professional but supportive work environment, to help them develop their creative and technical skills, as well as gain confidence and self-esteem.

We also develop and lead on innovative projects which address the serious impact of poor mental health, particularly relevant in a world which is just starting to emerge from a global pandemic. Our most recent projects include a series of film-based workshops in secondary schools around the UK which look at ways in which children experiencing poor mental health can unpack the issues which concern them.

Within the criminal justice sector, we are also pioneering a new approach to the delivery of key information about mental health and wellbeing to people in custody. The Mental Health Media Production Unit is lifting the lid on wellbeing issues that people in prison face, providing film production training and generating relevant film and digital content.

“The Production Trainee scheme with Inside Job Productions was an opportunity that brought together the two things I feel most passionate about: film production and mental health awareness. Over the past couple of years I’ve faced some really difficult times with my own mental health, but the support of IJP has really helped me in my recovery.”

Tallulah Self, Junior Filmmaker and former Trainee