What we offer



Sometimes the most effective way to get a message across is through animation. Whether it’s drawings, scrapbooks, cartoons, whiteboards, 3D or graphics, we use a range of animation techniques to create and deliver your film.

  • Animations work brilliantly as
  • Explainers for tricky concepts
  • Branding for internal communications
  • Short form social media videos
Learning and education
  • Trailers and promotions

Our team will work with you from concept and messaging, storyboarding and scriptwriting, through to execution and delivery.

We work with you to select the right voiceover to appeal to your audiences, and ensure accessibility through embedded subtitles.

Our animations have been used as explainer films, charity campaigns, learning assets and more.

Take a look at a few of our animations here


Internal communications

You’ve got a message to communicate to your organisation. What better way to do it than through film? We’ve worked with some of the country’s biggest businesses and charities to create compelling videos that bring teams and employees on board.

  • This might be
  • Explainer videos
  • Town hall round ups
  • Training and onboarding
  • Company milestone celebrations

We will ensure that the film we create is powerful, punchy and persuasive, aligned to your brand, and able to communicate what your employees need to know in an effective way.

Brand films

Is there a more powerful way to communicate your brand message, values and ethos than through a film? Whether it’s a campaign message or a brand overview, film and video gets to the heart of who you are and what makes you different in a way no other medium can.

We’ll work with you to really get under the skin of what makes you unique and different, and craft a visual story that takes viewers on an emotional journey so that by the end of it, they’re fully invested in you, your organisation, and your message.

Here are a few films you might like to have a look at:


Documentary films can be a powerful tool for organisations to communicate their brand message, values, and mission to their target audience. More fact based, with both actors and real people, they tell a story that is aligned to the overall company mission in a way that hits home.

You’ll get a dedicated team of filmmakers working with you to develop concepts, storyboards and scripts, and shoot, edit and produce the film. By offering a full wraparound service, we take the headache out of company and charity films. We capture stories, lives and narratives and tell that story.

  • They are often used for
  • Product or service showcases
  • Corporate social responsibility messaging
  • Celebration of a milestone

These are some documentary films we have created

Refugee Council & Starbucks
Community Shop
Irene Taylor Trust

Campaign films

Many businesses and charities come to us when they want a film centred around a specific campaign, such as brand message or fundraising campaign.

Because we’re a social enterprise we know the importance of working with organisations who are aligned to brand values and have a mission that extends beyond profits. We get excited when our films help change lives.

We will work with your fundraising, marketing and CSR teams to create and produce a film that fits within the broader objectives of the campaign, ensuring that the film is part of the bigger picture and achieves desired outcomes. We’ll tap into the emotional pull that is needed for a campaign, driving the desired action as a result.

Here are some of our campaign films:


Sometimes you have a meeting, event or workshop that you want to capture and save for sharing with others, reference for attendees, or training purposes. Or you just want to share the buzz of a fantastic session with people who couldn’t be there.

We can shoot and film massive celebratory parties or small scale meetings - whatever it is that works for you. We do it in a way that is unobtrusive, never getting in the way of what really matters - people coming together to further your mission.

You can work with our expert crews to capture your event, conference or meeting on film, and save it for the future. We’ll get to know you and what the key moments and messages are that you need to preserve, and ensure that they are front and centre.

We can shoot conferences, events, workshops, panels and more and create compelling content to save for the future.