24 Jun 2019

My first shoot – Lydia

Hello again, it’s Lydia the Production Trainee at Inside Job Productions and this is my look back on my second week of filming traineeship.

This week I had the opportunity to accompany the team on a production shoot for a corporate client. We needed to capture videos for the company’s upcoming conference and this included a scripted presentation-style video and a short finishing statement from two separate contributors.

On the day, I was able to see the whole process from set-up to filming to pack-up. It enabled me to get more acquainted with the professional camera and lighting equipment but also oversee the professional freelance team directing and recording sound. I also ensured we followed health and safety guidelines and covered the shoot on our social media.

This was the first time I got to be part of a larger crew for a corporate client so it was really helpful to observe and assist on the day. I also found that it helped me better understand how to manage expectations and manage contributors when filming to a brief. I realised there’s a lot of work that goes into organisation outside of the practical filmmaking involved in production.

So, now I know how to be more prepared and assist more effectively on our future shoots!