10 Aug 2022

Meet Ayo – IJP Production Assistant

Ayo worked with us as a Production Assistant on a project funded by HM Prison and Probation Service through Clinks COVID 19 response grants programme about the experiences of prisoners of colour during the pandemic.
Here is how she described the experience:

“Working on the Clinks charity film project for IJP has been a lovely experience. I immediately felt supported and part of the team. This went a long way because it made me comfortable enough that I was not afraid to ask for help or about things I didn’t know. Days on set and in the office were fun, eye-opening and informative. Visiting a prison was a lot less daunting than I expected and I’m glad I got to do it. Days working from home had me trying new things and learning about how much advocacy there is for reformation in the CJS. With Owain, Dylon and Kismet, I always felt that my work was appreciated and anything I had to contribute was valid and valuable.

This project has taught me a lot about the criminal justice system that I was unaware of while also confirming some of the things I do know. It has further opened me up to different perspectives and given me a deeper respect for people within the CJS – whether that’s services, individual workers, prisoners, ex-prisoners and/or their families. But most of all, it has made me a more compassionate person. It has been an honour to work with a company that uses film production and media training to tackle and bring awareness to such important social issues. I am so grateful for all the new skills I have acquired, and the trust that was put in me as a production assistant.”

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