27 Sep 2020

3 Months at IJP: My Journey So Far – Lydia

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since my last blog post. It’s been a busy couple of months here at IJP.

Since I assisted on my first shoot, I’ve been involved in a mental health project with Bipolar UK where I helped film and edit the video production for their website in order to spread awareness and inform others about bipolar.

This was a great media training opportunity for me to handle client relations, get involved in charity communications, and manage and organise edits. It’s also helped me form a good professional relationship with a local charity.

Alongside this, I’ve had the chance to practice my hard skills in terms of preparing call sheets and organising filming on location. This has included finding appropriate spaces for a campaign called Make Blood Cancer Visible.

This is a cause especially close to my heart as my family has had personal experience with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was honoured to contribute to the campaign and their work in any capacity.

I especially enjoyed the challenge of finding a location, sticking to a budget and seeing a project realised when I was on the shoot. Being involved in the film production from start to finish was really fulfilling and it helped me understand the requirements of a large scale charity film campaign.

This week, I’ve been editing a short showreel to update our current one. Consolidating all our projects in an engaging way has enabled me to know how to market and promote the work we do as a film production company.

Over the last few months I’ve learnt to expect that each day will be different from the last. It’s important to adapt to the changing needs of the business and to take every task as a learning opportunity. From travelling with kit to location, to archival work, to shopping for cast and crew, I’m ready and raring to go!

By Lydia

IJP Production Trainee

Take a look at how Lydia got on with her Production Trainee journey.