13 Feb 2024

Introducing…Mark Garcia, new Production Trainee with ThriveLDN

We’ve recently started a partnership with ThriveLDN,  providing a Production Trainee on London Living Wage to create content for their TikTok Channel. It all comes on the back of the success of our Rethink Mental Illness project. We thought you might like to meet them. Here’s Mark, in their own words.

Tell us about your interest in film.

I have always been a creative person and I always knew it, but, ever since I was younger, I have had a keen interest in film. I thought that I wanted to be an actor until I realised that I was actually interested in the behind the scenes of it all. I had started making short videos of my friends and I on our day trips and we all mutually agreed that I had a good eye for cinematography and editing. Eventually I studied film at University and focussed on Production Design and I had kind of lost interest in going into a career in film but it wasn’t until I started this internship that it had reawakened my love for the craft.

What is it about the production trainee scheme that appealed to you and what do you hope to get out of it?

Something that appealed to me was actually the first few weeks of training that was provided. Although I had studied film for 3 years, I had only been put into one section of it and had to continue learning that for my time there. With the trainee scheme, I learnt so much about editing software and cameras that I hadn’t learnt before and it was able to give me a boost of confidence in my skills as a filmmaker. The main thing I want to get out of this experience is… well, experience! This is my first professional job in film and it’s been amazing and so I hope this first step into the industry will lead me to many amazing opportunities!

Why are you excited about working with the charity?

This is actually not my first time working with a charity as I had previously volunteered for the Anti-Bullying Alliance as a 16 year old, however, this is my first time working with a charity like Thrive LDN. What really intrigues me is the fact that it is a city-centred charity for the city that I love most. I think making content about Londoners for Londoners is really important to me as I get to represent all the great parts of living in this city whilst also shining a spotlight on parts we need to improve.

Why do you think we need positive mental health content on social media?

I have been using social media since I was 12 years old on twitter with a fan account for a random band and back then, social media was brutal. Although it was only 10 years ago, the online landscape was a lot different and talking about mental health on social media was sort of unheard of, at least it was for me when I was younger. People were mean and it almost didn’t feel like it was something that I could talk about because it’s just the internet so it’s basically not real. However, being able to see the growth of social media for the last 10 years and the way people act has been amazing. People are now more outspoken about their mental wellbeing and people know now that they aren’t alone in how they feel and I hope social media keeps going in this direction. Of course, I think we need more positive mental health content on social media as I know that there’s probably a 12 year old out there facing their own problems and all they need is a sign that someone is there to listen to them.

How was your first month of training?

The first month of training was so fun! It felt like I was just hanging out with my friends (and in a way, I was). Jack Mead was a great teacher and I honestly learnt more from him in that one month than I did in my years at uni (no shade). Also, Mairéad has become someone I look forward to seeing every week and has honestly become my new best friend in the last month!

What do you do and enjoy outside of work and training?

Something i’m so obsessed with doing recently is just going to the shops. Not necessarily to buy anything, I just like looking at things. I love going to charity shops and seeing what cute little bits are on display. One time, I was able to buy a pasta maker for only £12! I’ve made pasta quite a few times with it and was even able to teach my friends how to make pasta. My partner and I are very serious about cooking and so we have lots of fun cooking appliances for our food as we love experimenting with recipes and different ways to make our favourite dishes!