13 Feb 2024

Introducing…Mairead Ruane, Production Trainee with Rethink Mental Illness

Round one of our Rethink Mental Illness partnership where we provided a Production Trainee employed at London Living Wage to create content for their TikTok channel was so successful that we’re doing it again. Mairead Ruane is here to tell you all about herself.

Tell us about your interest in film.

Film / short form video excites me as I feel in the flow when I’m creating and then when I’m consuming it I feel visually, mentally and emotionally stimulated. Film is an accessible way to translate ideas, challenge, move, evoke questions and empathy for others’ experiences and stories or relate, reflect and more deeply understand your own.

What is it about the production trainee scheme that appealed to you and what do you hope to get out of it?

The Inside Job x Rethink Mental Illness production trainee scheme was exactly what I’d been looking for- an opportunity to learn about different aspects of production and then create videos around severe mental illness- a way of combining two of my passions!

Why are you excited about working with the charity?

Rethink Mental Illness is a pioneering charity in focusing on improving the lives of those with severe mental illness and their loved ones. We’re seeing general mental health and wellbeing increasingly spoken about which is crucial to our societal progression but we’re not seeing enough focus on serious mental illness and that leaves the most vulnerable behind. I want to make sure the videos Inmake speak to those of us who have struggled with mental illness, especially the more misunderstood or taboo ones, and raise awareness among those without the firsthand experience.

Why do you think we need positive mental health content on social media?

Social media can be a hugely powerful tool at translating ideas accessibly and spreading awareness to the masses. Anyone can post, which is hugely empowering and equalising but at the same time misinformation can be spread so it’s important to have truthful, honest and informative information out there and to tell untold stories.

How was your first month of training?

I couldn’t call the first month of training work because it’s been so invigorating and exciting! I’ve had so much fun and learnt a lot, with the biggest growth being in my editing skills. I’ve learnt so much from the other intern, Mark and our mentor, filmmaker Jack.

What do you do and enjoy outside of work and training?

I enjoy walking, eating good food, reading, and watching TV, films and plays. I’m assistant producing the first play I’ve been involved in called Mad Women! I also facilitate a group for Queer people with OCD (@queerwithocd) at London’s LGBTQIA+ community centre. A great space!