04 Oct 2023

Introducing…Ed Resolution Campaign Brand

In the first of a series introducing some of the great social enterprises we’re proud to call our peers, here’s Ed Resolution Campaign Brand, a fashion brand for all ages who support mental health initiatives.

Tell us about you – what you do, who does it, where you do it and when you started.

Hello, and thank you for having me here. I’m Edwin Usiade, the inspired Campaigner, Designer and founder behind Edwin’s Humankind Service (E.H.S) trading under the name Ed Resolution Campaign Brand (E.R.C.B). We officially registered our social enterprise on June 28, 2023. Our mission is to support individuals, organizations, and communities in raising awareness and funds for critical causes in our community.

Currently, we’re focused on our debut campaign, the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023, which started on September 1, 2023, and runs until October 31, 2023. This campaign aims to make mental health a fashionable statement while supporting Mind Charity. Join us in this transformative journey by donating, commenting, liking, sharing, and following us on social media. 🌐

How did you identify the need?

My journey into becoming a Campaigner was unexpected but profound. A personal mental health crisis led me down this path. During therapy, I realized the pressing need for E.R.C.B. It became evident that many individuals, organizations, and communities were willing to help those in need but lacked adequate funding and resources. This realization ignited a passion within me, leading me to create E.R.C.B.

Along this challenging path, I rediscovered my love for fashion and the advantages of Print-on-demand technology. Together, I use it for designing fashionable clothing to raise awareness for charitable causes through unique campaigns, ultimately helping me in my mental health recovery. 🌟

What’s the challenge you’re trying to solve and what’s unique about the way you do it?

Our primary challenge is addressing mental health through our Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023. We aim to break the stigma surrounding mental health and ensure everyone has access to support. The current incident at Croydon, in which a 15-year-old teenager passed away and many others is another reason why mental health matters.  What sets us apart is our unique approach – fashionable and comfortable clothing that doubles as a conversation starter. Our designs are one-of-a-kind, creating opportunities for open dialogue wherever our clothing is worn. We hope to inspire individuals facing mental health issues to seek help and, in turn, contribute positively to their communities and the world.

Why did you decide being a social enterprise is the way to go? What does it offer?

My journey to becoming a social enterprise was unexpected but transformative. Initially, I planned to start a private limited company, but it didn’t align with my values. Discovering social enterprise was a turning point. It allowed me to combine my business acumen with my passion for community support. As a social enterprise, we have a built-in mechanism to give back to charitable causes, supporting our mission to create a better community. 🤝

Do you have any success stories?

My success story, is titled ‘‘Seeing The Glimpse of Light At The End of The Long Dark Tunnel‘‘. This symbolizes my journey’s challenges and triumphs. I began with little knowledge of clothing design, e-commerce, or campaigns. Through sheer determination and countless hours of learning, I transformed my ideas into reality. Despite financial struggles, personal issues, and sacrifices, I persevered. Today, sharing my experiences on this platform is a testament to resilience and the belief that all challenges can be overcome. 🌠

What are your goals?

Our goal is to eliminate the barriers that hinder individuals, organizations, and communities from helping those in need. We want to make campaigns fashionable statements, raising awareness and support for critical issues like homelessness, domestic violence, rehabilitation, and more. Ultimately, we aim to foster a community of passionate supporters and trendsetters who champion local businesses and create a better future for all. 🌍

And anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to extend an invitation to local suppliers, retailers, individuals, organizations, and community members who share our vision. Let’s work together to build a stronger, more compassionate community for our children and future generations.

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