16 Oct 2018

An intro from our new trainee Kayla

An intro from our new trainee Kayla


My name’s Kayla Kerr, it’s the middle of September 2018-and I’ve just been appointed as the second production trainee at IJP in partnership with Young Minds. I’m really looking forward to creating some content for clients and getting stuck into an industry that I love. I’ll definitely be sure to keep you posted with regular updates as to how I’m getting on and my overall journey.

Inside Job Productions have teamed up with the organisation Young Minds to launch a scheme that aims to encourage young people who have experienced mental health, to become focused, driven content creators. It aims to teach individuals all the stages of production. This will allow trainee’s ample opportunities to assist in organising and executing shoots, editing content, updating social media feeds and much more…

I absolutely love anything media related, whether it’s consuming or creating content. I like exploring different media platforms, so things like; music, TV and film, digital art and print media, adverts and promos, books, radio and social media.

I graduated from Global Academy in June 2018, where I learnt what it takes to produce great content whilst using industry standard equipment. I had the pleasure of producing various media assignments and personal projects, ranging from music videos, short films, promos for charities/schools and designing personalised cards and merchandise. In fact, it was one of my teachers who felt I’d be perfect for such a role and I couldn’t agree more!

Now I want to further my knowledge by gaining some hands on experience in creating professional content. I’m certain I will gain some invaluable knowledge about working with some incredible clients and some technical training too. I’m so excited to join and I’m honoured to have joined such a hard-working, dedicated team and I can’t wait to produce some amazing content!