07 Jan 2024

How partnering with a social enterprise can help you achieve ESG goals

There is a growing trend among consumers and investors to support companies that are seen as responsible and ethical. Several studies have shown that companies with high ESG scores often outperform their counterparts in the long run often as a result of efficient use of resources, better innovation, and stronger stakeholder relations. This is where a strong commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals can be so important.

And working with a social enterprise is a great way to achieve ESG goals.Your money goes towards supporting causes and initiatives that make a positive impact on the world. When organisations work with Inside Job Productions, they are changing lives by contributing to social impact projects that help people with mental health.

Working with social enterprises can help strengthen brand reputation by association with social causes. According to Merkle’s Next Generation of Consumer Behavior report, 83% of Gen Z’ers want brands to take a stance on social issues, and the Edelman Trust Barometer reflected a similar call for CEOs to speak out about societal issues in its 2021 report. A study into consumer intent by OpenText found that 9 in 10 (88%) of global consumers surveyed would choose to buy from companies with ethical sourcing structures in place over ones that did not. By working with a social enterprise you’re demonstrating a commitment to making a difference. 

Some of the organisations who work with us do so on mental health content, such as training videos for employees. But for some, the film might be for an entirely different reason, such as a corporate brand film – they just like to know that their money from the commission is going to good causes. And for others, such as in the construction industry, there are regulations on how much needs to be spent on social procurement. 

At the same time, diversifying your procurement pipeline is a great way to have a bigger impact through your content. Collaboration with social enterprises can expose companies to new, innovative ways of thinking, driving more creativity and thus value. If you do what you’ve always done, the results will be the same. 

It’s clear how important Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG are in today’s business environment, and we play a unique role as a social enterprise film production agency in helping companies meet these objectives.