23 Nov 2020

Hello from the new Production and Social Media Coordinator 

Starting a new role while being in lockdown is an experience. I have never met my colleagues in person, I don’t know what the office looks like and rather than being shown the way around my new role in person I am learning it through zoom calls with my team and through tracing documents and emails. No matter the unusual setting in which I’m starting my time with Inside Job Productions, I am so excited for our coming time together, even if me and the team are physically apart for now.

So who am I? My name is Linn and I have spent the past few years working primarily in social media. I have also worked in film production, mainly as assistant director and production manager but also in writing and creative development. Much of my time has been spent working for charities and non-profits, as I have a strong passion for social causes and helping people.

When I came across this role at IJP I immediately felt it would be a great match for my skills, and lucky for me the team felt the same! But it was not just the role itself that appealed to me; it was the whole ethos of Inside Job Productions as a professional film production company as well as a fantastic Social Enterprise. The work done by the company to support young people with mental health issues (a cause close to my heart and a field I have worked in previously) get paid experience within film production, and the new Mental Health Media Production Unit project, working with people in the criminal justice system to tell their stories, are both extremely important causes that will change lives. I feel so grateful that I now get to be apart of that.

And of course, the films that IJP produces are of a fantastic standard, for fantastic clients. I love telling stories and I can’t wait to work with IJP and help our clients tell theirs, and to produce films with a great purpose.

We have so many great projects in the pipeline at the moment that I’m very excited to see come to fruition. If you work with us you are likely to come across my name in emails, as I will be managing our projects. As you can tell from my title I am also responsible for the social media and marketing, so if you would have a query relating to this, I will be the person you speak to. And if you’d like to work with us, please get in touch, as we are always keen to help you tell your stories. I’m eager to work with the team, our freelancers and all of our existing and future clients; hopefully I will speak to you soon!