09 Aug 2023

Five things to expect from a film production company

So it’s your first time working with a film production company, and you’re npt quite sure how things are done. Here are a few things you should expect from any film production company – and certainly can from us. 

Clear communication

This is foundational. Not only do we love a good natter, but we keep you up to date and engage in conversation. It starts out with us asking lots of questions to clearly understand your objectives, vision, and goals for the project, and throughout the process we will communicate regularly about the progress, challenges, and any changes.

Transparent budgeting

Budgets should be clear and open. We describe line by line each person, equipment and commission, so you know where your money is going and why. Sometimes clients are surprised at the cost of a film, but once they know the prices of each element, it all makes sense.

Guidance and expertise

Let’s face it, if you could produce a high quality film yourself, you would. What you want from a film production agency is the expertise you don’t have yourself. We will guide you through each step, to ensure success. We’re not afraid to state our opinion, and will back it up with experience and knowledge, and discuss with you the best ways to create a great film.

Feedback loop

We don’t just shoot a film and be done with it. We make sure you are involved in the review process, offering feedback at various stages to ensure the final product aligns with your vision. We have regular calls with stakeholders, to make sure everyone is happy. Whilst we bring expertise to the table, we also respect your insights and ideas, fostering a collaborative environment.

Quality work

Obviously you want a great film. Before engaging with any film production company, make sure you see their films, especially ones that are similar to the kind of thing you are going for, and in the same sector. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. If you like what you see and hear, you will feel more confident in the process.