15 Jan 2023

Five best independent cinemas in London

As well as making films we love watching them. Luckily, as a film production company in London there are a whole host of independent cinemas we can get our film fix at. So if you are looking for the best place to watch films in London, look no further.

Garden Cinema, Covent Garden

This new cinema in Covent Garden is beautifully decorated with ornate art deco features, and has a glorious bar. Their membership is a bonkers £20 a year and comes with all sorts of perks such as free tickets and special members only events. They show recent releases, classic favourites, off kilter art house, and everything in between.


Rio Cinema, Dalston

Just down the road from Bootstrap Offices in Dalston is the Rop Cinema in Dalston. Opening as the Kingsland Empire in 1915, it has a rich history as a hub of entertainment in East London. Bomb damage during the world wars, disrepair, and neglect at times and the growth of home videos meant at times its future hung in the balance, but it is still here and going strong.


Close Up Cinema, Bethnal Green

This is a tiny little place, best known for independent screenings of up and coming artists. It features a rich library of films, a cosy cafe bar, and knowledgeable folk who are passionate about all things cinema. Don’t expect the latest blockbuster here, do expect to see something brilliant.


Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

This is the big hitter in the London indie cinema list, known and loved by film goers all over the capital. They often run all nighters, sing along shows, and themed nights of cult classics, as well as latest movies. The tickets are also amazingly reasonably priced, despite its central location. It’s the last independent cine-theatre in the West End, so make the most of it.


Kino, Bermondsey

With a few outposts around the south east Kino is not only a great place to watch a film but popular with filmmakers as a venue for premieres and special events and is often used for film shoots. The outdoor bar area is perfect in summer for a bit of a debrief, after you’ve watched a controversial choice in the 48 seat cinema.


That’s only a handful of our favourites, but if you want to find an independent cinema in London, it’s a great start.