Virtual Buddy Campaign

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Virtual Buddying is a free befriending service for people with disabilities of any age in the UK.

Almost two-thirds of the 14.1 million disabled people living in the UK are ‘chronically lonely’. To tackle this loneliness and isolation, Sense has developed a new volunteer lead service called “Virtual buddying”. Virtual Buddying is an online service for disabled people of any age looking for a friend in the UK. Sense matches the participant with a volunteer with similar interest. Then sessions are held once a week between the volunteer and participant via video or phone call, where they can take part in fun activities or just have a chat.

We used paper model props and shot these with a stop motion technique. We then used animation to make it come alive before we inserted our actors into the film.

Director: Graham Clayton-Chance

Animator: Helena Van Kampen

Paper model designer: Tina Luo