10 Dec 2020

Filmmaking in Covid times at Inside Job Productions

Filmmaking in covid times at inside job productions

With the lockdowns having come and gone, we’re back in the office and going full steam ahead, IJP is busier than ever before. But even during our Covid isolation, we were all still working from home, and things did not slow down at all at IJP! In fact, we were lucky to have several filmmaking projects in production. Many of these were animations or films that we made via zoom, but there were also a handful of socially distanced, in person, Covid-protocoled shoots going ahead.

We love to be busy, and we are grateful that all our fantastic clients kept us that way! Because even when the world was at a standstill in some ways, it doesn’t mean we should stop creating and communicating. As most of us work from home, and in some cases continue to do so, it’s more important than ever for us to communicate through filmmaking and digital media. With limited daily social interaction, film really brought a little extra to the way we communicate with each other.

We were naturally very excited by the news of the vaccine roll-out, and were glad that it wasn’t too long until we could resume a less restricted everyday life. However, we still carried on predominantly producing films that didn’t require in person contact for a while after. In this time, we produced promotional films, films for internal communication, films specifically made for social media, explainer videos and webinars all remotely. And we are so proud to be able to do so even after such troubling times. Then, now, and always, whatever story you need to tell, and whoever you want to tell it to, we can help.

Working with us is to support young and DISADVANTAGED people

Choosing to work with us is also directly funding the social enterprise side of our business. We have kicked off our workshops with our new Mental Health Media Production Unit. In this project, we work with people that have experience of the criminal justice system. This project gives inmates a chance to learn filmmaking skills and tell their stories. We have also resurrected our production trainee scheme for young people with mental health issues, now that we are clear of Covid.

Here’s a look at our animation showreel for a taste of what we could create for you over the next few month. If you are interested in working with us, contact us on info@insidejobproductions.co.uk, or reach out to us on LinkedIn! Find Managing Director Ann or Social Media and Production Coordinator Linn here.