24 Nov 2022

#BuySocial this Christmas

Christmas shopping. Love it or hate it? Buying presents can be more than just lining the profits of already wealthy profits. If you’re choosy about where your money goes, you can buy thoughtful presents for loved ones that also give back to people and places in society. Buying Christmas presents from social enterprises means that the profits are being reinvested back into projects and schemes that do good. Here are a few suggestions for presents with purpose.


An eco water bottle from Refill

Refill’s aim is to stop plastic pollution at source by making it easier to refill than buy a plastic bottle. Their water bottles, food pots and takeaway boxes are portable and reusable, so you can buy from your favourite cafes and shops without the associated packaging and waste. They have a handy app connecting you to all the best places that offer refills.

Coffee from North Star Roast

It’s certainly the season for warming coffee. North Star Roast have a love for coffee and are fuellled by a desire to build a bright future for all it supports. Their roastery sources specialty grade coffees from supply partners they know and trust and from farms that promote responsible environmental and social practices. Working in this way means they are able to support the evolution of a coffee industry that works for everyone. Why not try one of their subscription boxes for a regular gift for the caffeine lover in your life?

Yummy chocolate from Divine

Given how much chocolate we consume as a society, there must be a way to make it fairer. Divine Chocolate is a global social enterprise driven the mission is to help end exploitation in the cocoa industry, creating a world where farmers thrive and prosper. Their business model enables producers should earn a share of the profits they help to create. From letterbox gifting to vegan chocolate, their shop is packed full of delicious chocolate goodies.

Christmas with Advent of Change

Advent of Change are a non-profit organisation with a mission to make the world a more fair, equal and sustainable place. By buying from their shop packed full of beautiful, everyday products you can donate to multiple charities with one single purchase.To date they have donated over half a million pounds between more than 100 incredibly deserving charities. Check out their calendars, candles and crackers for some festive sparkle.

Gorgeous gifts from LoveWell

LoveWell’s Mission is to be a transformative employer offering women who have experienced significant trauma through trafficking and exploitation a way to develop skills and feel empowered to move into employment, training and further education. Women on the scheme learn about production lines, product development, customer service, order fulfilment, marketing and more. Check out their gift range to help this wonderful organisation.


Gift giving doesn’t have to be wasteful. By buying from a social enterprise you’re helping organisations support people in society to live their best lives. Go on, #BuySocial this Christmas.