13 Apr 2019

Bridge to Employment by Tallulah

Bridge to Employment by Tallulah

Last Tuesday I was invited to speak at an event for one of our key clients, Janssen.

It was the graduation ceremony for a group of students they were supporting through their scheme, Bridge to Employment.

Bridge to Employment gives these young people the opportunity to gain employability skills through workshops, mentoring and activities, also supported by Young Enterprise.
Similar to my speech at the Janssen Conference in February, I was asked to tell my story and talk about my journey with IJP, to inspire the students in their next steps after education.

Although I was nervous, the Janssen staff and group of students were really supportive and made me feel comfortable. I answered questions from the audience afterwards and it felt really special that people were asking me for advice, from my personal experiences.

As well as speaking, I also filmed the event with Daniel, who’s joined us for a couple of weeks of work experience [see his blog post].

Filming whilst juggling my nerves of knowing I had to get up and speak wasn’t easy, it definitely pushed me – but I was happy with how it all went and grateful for the opportunity!