28 Jun 2018

A shoot in a river… Be a Ranger Day by Tallulah

A shoot in a river… Be a Ranger Day by Tallulah

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at IJP. We have a lot of shoots coming up, new projects and we’re also about to recruit our new trainee with YoungMinds.

One of my most recent shoots was for social enterprise who focus on maintaining and conserving the natural environment, Chiltern Rangers.

The shoot was very different to any I’ve been on before! It was in High Wycombe, in the River Wye. The day was one of their ‘Be a Ranger’ team days, with our client, Johnson & Johnson. These days are an opportunity for corporate teams to volunteer their time to help the environment, improving local spaces for habitats, endangered species and local people too.

We arrived at the start of the day at their depot, where I was introduced to the team and filmed the briefing and preparation of equipment. We then travelled with them to the river. I followed the team for the day, filming the activities, such as cutting back weeds in the surrounding grasslands and work within the river.

John was keen for me to get in the river, but unfortunately the waders were too big!

The day was a great experience and something very different to my normal day-to-day work – it was nice to be outside in nature and the team spirit from the rangers and J&J team made it really fun!

You can see the film here:

A big thank you to John, the Chiltern Rangers team and the J&J volunteers for making the day so enjoyable and being fantastic contributors to the film!