15 Jul 2019

Mental Health and Animation Workshops – Tallulah

Last week I went to Cranbrook, a small town in Devon. This wasn’t the usual film shoot or client meeting. This was to deliver the first pilot workshop of an exciting project we’ve been developing this year. The project is part of our new social impact venture – delivering film training and workshops on mental health to young people within a safe space, allowing them to use their voices and share their experiences.

This particular workshop in Devon was held in an education campus with year 7 and 8 students, and was themed on animation.

The first day we had lots of engaging discussions on mental health and what this means to us. The students then learnt how to make clay characters from a wire base. They then worked in small groups to come up with the narrative for their animations, which they storyboarded and scripted. The second day they learnt how to animate their characters and bring their stories to life using stop motion software on iPads. They then edited these on the third day to create their final film.

It was really interesting to see the workshops take place and our idea come together after months of meetings, planning and research. Seeing how the children engaged creatively with the tasks and how it created organic conversation amongst them about mental health was fantastic. This was the exact reason I wanted to create the workshops – to get young people talking about their mental health.

I’m excited to see what happens next with this project!