17 Dec 2018

3 months at IJP by Kayla

3 months at IJP by Kayla

December 18th will mark my three month anniversary! I’ve worked on several small shoots and edits.

Just last week, Tallulah, Leanne and I went on a shoot to St Paul’s Cathedral to record the nativity. I was lucky enough to act as a photographer, capturing the performance to create a short slideshow before the play. I really haven’t had much experience taking pictures so I had a really fun time working on some of the more useable ones. Tallulah showed me this really great app within the Creative Cloud Suite called ‘Bridge’ to help edit/adjust the photos.

A couple of weeks ago, the team were attending a conference and wanted a leaflet to hand out explaining a bit about us. They decided to publish ‘Tallulah’s Story’ on a double-sided A5 that was in line with IJP’s brand identity. This would be the first time my design would be printed and given out in a professional setting so I was really eager to produce a high quality image. I designed several variations so that they could pick out the one they felt would work best.

I also attended another professional shoot later that month in central London, for Janssen. It was difficult to keep up with what was being discussed, but this was the perfect time to witness a corporate event in action. We had a really experienced crew on that day consisting of Martin (director/camera operator) Oz (camera op) Luke (sound technician) Tallulah (camera op) and an additional photographer. Everyone had a really specific role and used expensive kit to produce a high quality video. The shoot went really well and I had to step in as a runner to grab a hard drive from the office.

I’ve worked on more graphics than ever! I’ve designed several posters now and a collage. I had to gather logos of all the companies IJP have worked with in a clean collage like graphic to go on the back of some credits of a video. This took a lot of resizing to begin with but it turned out okay.

Later that week I completed a Christmas e-card for the IJP staff to send out to clients, using Photoshop.

So much has happened these last couple of months and I’m really glad with my progress! I can’t imagine what’s in store for the New Year.